" Future Family Business Leader" ceremony

20 October 2022
The " Future Family Business Leader" community is still growing!

It was a great ceremony of certificates for the Future Family Business Leader which took place on October 13th. Hosted at the CIC Ouest, the ceremony was an opportunity for the nine participants to assess the training and to give their feedback on its benefits. They all unanimously praised the spirit of promotion and the lasting links built within the group. The participants spoke with emotion of the joy of having been able to exchange with their peers around the same questions and problems encountered on a daily basis within their family or the family business. Some stressed that the training allowed them to gain height on situations they experienced on a daily basis. At the end of the training, some families - also present - highlighted the changes observed in the participants in terms of posture, sense of legitimacy or leadership. We wish them all every success in taking over their family business!

Info alert:

The next promo #8 of the Certificate starts in Nantes in February 2023 and a first promo #9 will open in Paris in October 2023.

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