23 May 2022

The rendezvoous "Belle Boite" #5 took place on the basketball court of Etoile Angers Basket.

No game that night, but a round table under the basketball hoop! An offbeat place to explore a new theme around the company:
"Sponsoring, partnership, solidarity, what commitments for companies in the life of the City?

Companies have always been asked to support associations, sports clubs, a great cause... they therefore often have to ask themselves the question, what and why they want to support certain projects and not others. So for this new appointment, we asked ourselves the question: is a "Belle-boite" today also his commitment to the city?

A discussion manifically animated by Grégoire Courdé with four guests from different universes and who stood out for their testimonies:

  • Thierry Boisseau, President of the EAB, Managing Director at Atmos Proprété
  • Amandine Brossier, member of the France athletics team
  • Noémie Lagueste, Business Partnerships and Patronage Development Officer, Audencia Foundation
  • Anne Françoise Floch, Director of External Relations of the Festival d'Anjou

Did you know that sports sponsorship is 2.5 billion euros in France in 2021? Sponsorship represents 9% of companies with a total amount of donations between 3 and 3.6 billion euros? Compare to, the budget of the Ministry of Sports is about 1 billion euros and the budget of the Ministry of Culture is 4 billion. We can therefore clearly see the role that companies can have on their territory and in particular family businesses.

Watch the replay

"Belle Boite" is a movement driven by the One X Fidlid agency, in partnership with Audencia and the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair.
An Rendez-vous captured and broadcast by Kryzalid Films.

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