The Chair at the Herige Group Family Seminar

07 October 2022
It is in Puy du Fou that the HERIGE Group organized its family council on October 1st on the theme Nextgen & family business.

A heritage company since 1907, the group created  the "Génération HERIGE" club in order to createstrong jobs between managers, family shareholders,  children and grandchildren to develop their knowledge of the Group, enrich their family values and prepare the new generation for their future responsibilities as shareholders.

The Caillaud and Robin families want to perpetuate their involvement in the Group by setting a threefold objective :

  • maintain a family cement and a strong attachment to the company,
  • involve the younger generation by strengthening their knowledge of society,
  • identify and prepare those who will take over in the governance bodies.

Miruna Radu-Lefebvre was invited to this family gathering as holder of the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair. During a mini-conference, issues of legitimacy, ambivalent emotions, paradoxical tensions and typologies of successors were discussed.

 The new generations face several challenges vis-à-vis the family business.   How will they project themselves into the project of sustainability of the family business when it already has more than 100 years of history?  

For this, nothing better than creative workshops and photocollages of images that invite participants to answer three questions:

1-How do I see the family business?
2-How do I position myself or what is my place in relation to the family business?
3-How do I see the future of the family business? Once the collective pooling, the participants exchanged around their perceptions, they identified the commonalities and the differences of perception between the generations.

A rich and inspiring afternoon of reciprocal exchange between the family members of the Herige Group and the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair.

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